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Now to troubleshoot fieldlayout when made at runtime?

I read the field metadata from a database table and create the columns at runtime and then bind the datagrid.  It works fine most of the time.  But sometimes. There will be a character off in the Metadata, so the grid comes up blank.

What I want to know is there any event to check for that when each column is bound, if there is an error on that binding to the column, you can grab it?  Otherwise, I always have to visuallly look at each column name versus the table, and try to figure out which column didn't bind right.

You mentioned before setting the Grid to AutogenerateColumns, so that if it failed, it would use the default.  The problem is, all my tables are generic, so showing the default layout would not be good.

So how would you suggest troubleshooting where a column generated dynammically in the FieldLayout is off from the BindingList it is being bound too?