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Align Decimal Points

I have a XamDataGrid with columns that contain a different set of numbers depending on the row they are located in.  For example, the first row contains the amount of money available for you.  The second row contains the closing price of a stock from yesterday.  The third row contains the live price and the change in price from yesterday.  So it looks something like:

| Available | 1,000 |

| Previous | 88.00 |

| Live | 65.25 (-22.75) |

Is it possible to line up the data based on the decimal points?  For example,  the 88.00 would be directly over the 22.75 in the Live row and the last 2 00s from the Available row would be over the 22 and 88 respectively.  I'm sure there has to be some style or converter out there but I can't seem to generate it.