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How to determine when a record has been loaded

We're using the XamDataGrid with 'LoadOnDemand'.  We have a couple of custom ICondition classes that check to see whether a record has errors or not.  For example, we have a RecordHasErrorsCondition that checks to see if either the parent record or, optionally, any of it's child records currently has an error.  However, when child records exist, this condition can take a long time to execute the first time, if none of the child records have been previously loaded.  However, the only way, any of the records could have an error is if the user has loaded and edited them, so what we'd like to do is skip records that have yet to be loaded or initialized.  I see that the record's DataPresenter has an IsLoaded and IsInitiliazed property, but every time I check these properties, they're true [probably because I'm iterating the records which causes them to be loaded and initialized].  Anyway, is there a way for me to programatically check whether a record has been loaded previously, or maybe from the parent level, determine if it's child records have ever been expanded or loaded?  If it has been, we'll check for errors, otherwise, we'll skip the child record(s)...

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