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How do I add a checkbox to a xamDataGrid?

I am new to the xamDataGrid.  I need to know how to create an unbound checkbox in a column in my xamDataGrid.  I have googled everywhere and everything I try doesn't seem to work.

Can someone provide me with the complete XAML code for creating a checkbox?


Thank you,

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    Hello Glen,


    I am attaching a sample application that demonstrates an approach for adding a CheckBox to an UnboundField using a template for the CellValuePresenter. You can also set the EditorType property of the FieldSettings for the UnboundField in order to display a XamCheckEditor as a content for the cells in the field. This can be achieved as follows:

                        <igDP:UnboundField Label="CheckBox field">
                                    EditorType="{x:Type igEditors:XamCheckEditor}"/>


    If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.




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