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GalleryItemGroups of GalleryTool visually not updated!


I have a GalleryTool with two GalleryItemGroups. Initially this GalleryTool is filled with some default GalleryItems. These default GalleryItems are assigned to the one or the other of the GalleryItemGroups. If I run the app and expand the GalleryItemGroups for the everything looks good.

Within the app I can dynamically add an additional GalleryItem to the GalleryTool, the new GalleryItem is also assigned to the respective GalleryItemGroup. However, if I show the new GalleryItemGroups this is not reflected (the new item does not appear). Somehow the GalleryItemGroups get not VISUALLY updated (maybe missing property changed notification).

If I dynamically add the GalleryItem, BEFORE the GalleryItemGroups are rendered the first time, it work (this also points into the missing property changed notification).

Could you please have a look at this!



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