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Issue when setting CalendarDisplayMode = Overlay

My senario is this.

1. XamDayView is in a View with  CalendarDisplayMode = Overlay. The View is hosted in a igDock:TabGroupPane.

2. First I open the XamDayView and then another View, so in my TabGroupPane I have 2 items.



3.Now I click on each ResourceCalendar, so that they are separated.

4. Now, when I click on the other view in the TabControlPane "i.e "Dash Board" and when click on thexamDayView again, you will notice that the xamdayview have reset the ResourceCalander back to the intial state. Is this a bug?



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    The images didn't come through but I tried this out and wasn't able to reproduce the problem. Is it possible that you are manipulating some settings the Loaded/Unloaded event? Elements within a tab item's content will be unloaded when the tab is unselected since the tab control only keeps the content of the selected tab item in the visual tree. If you still have an issue please provide a sample that demonstrates the problem and we can look into it further.

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