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Adding two content pane to a split pane and then adding the split pane to tabgroup pane.

Hello Everyone,

I have a floating split pane in which i have two content panes. splitter being horizontal. 

I have another tabgroup pane docked to the left, which has two content panes tabbed.

My problem is , if i dock the right/floating split pane to the left, i get two tabs appended at the bottom. (one for each content pane).  How do i program or what control should i use so that instead of two, it appends one tab only. 

Thanks Kunal

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    Offline posted

    You can't. The xamDockManager emulates VS and TabGroupPanes only support containing ContentPane instances - not SplitPanes. In VS, the panes are always "flattened" when dragging into a tab group. If you want the content of those two panes to be considered one content then really you need to use a single ContentPane perhaps making the Content be a Grid that has 2 column definitions with a GridSplitter to allow resizing of the items.