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XamDockmanager with webbrowser in pop-out panel - double-click problem

I have a WebBrowser control in a XamDockmanager panel that is in pop-out mode, unpinned and hidden on the side of the dockwindow.

If I make the panel open and then double click inside the web browser control in the pane the pane immediately pops back to hidden mode as if I had closed it. This seems to be some kind of default behaviour of the pop-out panels in dockmanager but I would like to prevent the pane from hiding.

Is there a way to prevent this double-click "revert to previous mode" thing?

I have tried to catch and cancel the double-click event coming form the web browser control so it would not reach the dock panel but without success...

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    Hello Per,


    Your issue have been resolved in the new service release, which is now available under your account at the Infragistics Website.


    To download the service release, log in to ‘My IG’ and select ‘Keys & Downloads’. Select the appropriate tab for this product, then the license key. The available service releases should now be listed on the page.If you need any furder assistance for that matter, please do not hesitate to ask.


    Thank you for choosing Infragistics components.



    Developer Support Engineer

    Infragistics Inc.

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