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Disable the default record selection in XAMDATAGRID

Hi All,

I am using XamDataGrid in my application.

when i bind it by default it selects the first record of collection in data grid.

i need to stop default binding.

There should be no row which is selected by default at the time of loading.

I tried with IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem = False

But it stops the selection of the records for all the records so we can't use it.

Actually we want to stop the DefaultSelection which is done by default.

It causes an issue - > The first row is by default selected which we want to stop as when user clicks on first record it should call our changed methods which is not working rite now.

We are binding an ICollection with XamDataGrid itemsource.

So I also tried moveCurrentTo(null) MoveCurrentTo(0 or-1) but that is also not working.

please reply asap.