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Potential Bug Very Irritating Sample Attached

Seems to be a bug in several controls including the XamDataGrid, XamDataTree and XamOrgChart.

This bug shows up only in the Expression Blend (4) designer and can become cumbersome.

If one of the above mentioned controls (controls I have tested) are grouped within another container; the containers visibility is set to collapsed, clicking on the control in the objects and timeline toolbar displays the following exception:

 InvalidOperationException:  'arrow' name cannot be found in the name scope of 'System.WIndows.Controls.ControlTemplate'.

The designer is forced to save his / her current progress, close the current design window, reopen the design window, set the visibility to visible, complete their work and reset the visibility to collapsed. 

As you might imagine this can become quite a problem for designers needing to make simple corrections.
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