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xamGrid horizontal scrollbar



There seems an issue with the horizontal scrollbar for xamGrid. From an initial state where no horizontal scrollbar is shown, and then the grid is shrunk, the scrollbar appears as expected. However, when the grid is changed back to its previous size the scrollbar is not removed, just disabled. It takes any other change on the grid (e.g. sorting or stretching a column for the scrollbar to finally be removed. I’m guessing this is related to this issue..., where there doesn’t seem to have been a response.


This can be easily reproduced using your own xamFeatureBrowser application shipped with NetAdvantage 11.2. Open the app and maximise it. Go to the ‘xamGrid -> Hierarchical Financial Data’ and there should be no vertical scrollbar (I’m using 1920 by 1080 resolution) on the example grid. Then restore/resize the app so that the vertical scrollbar appears. Then maximise the app again. The vertical scrollbar incorrectly remains. Click on a column header and the scrollbar is finally removed.

Is there a workaround to resolve this before you address the problem?


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