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Chart with multiple series from ObservableCollection<ObservableCollection<PriceDataHistory>>

I'm still new to WPF, Data Binding, Infragistics, and reallly GUI Windows Development... Sometimes I find working with the XamDataChart a little confusing for displaying complex objects, but I think it falls down to my understanding of how the XAML Binding Works with the charting package.

I have

public class PriceDataHistory ObservableCollection<Price>

Price is a custom object that looks like:

    public class Price
        public string Country { getset; }
        public string LocationCode { getset; }
        public DateTime Date { getset; }
        public double Price { getset; }

I have many data points in the Observable collection and I would like to display them grouped by LocationCode.

So, for example If I have three different locations I would like to display 3 series on the chart.

   public class PriceDataHistory ObservableCollection<Price>
    {         public PriceDataHistory()         {             for (int i = 0; i < _priceDates.Count; i++)             {                 this.Add(new Price                 {                     LocationCode = _location[0],                     Date = DateTime.Parse(_priceDates[i]),                     Price = float.Parse(_price0[i])                 });                 this.Add(new Price                 {                     LocationCode = _location[1],                     Date = DateTime.Parse(_priceDates[i]),                     Price = float.Parse(_price1[i])                 });                 this.Add(new Price                 {                     LocationCode = _location[2],                     Date = DateTime.Parse(_priceDates[i]),                     Price = float.Parse(_price2[i])                 });             }         }
        ///... not necessary for example

In the example data they all have the same number of points

and they all have the same Date.

In the future I will not know how many different

LocationCodes there will be, because I'm using test

data right now so it is static.


Is what I want even possible? How should I go about

binding to my object in XAML?