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Problem installing XamRibbon Nov CTP

The Readme.mht provides the following as one of the steps for installing:

Install the XamRibbon assembly (Infragistics3.Windows.Ribbon.v7.2.dll)
into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by dragging it from its folder into
C:\Windows\Assembly (i.e., the ‘GAC’)

When I do the same, after just logging in, without VS running, I get a
dialog with title:

Assembly Cache Viewer - Installed Failed

and text:

Access is denied: 'Infragistics3.Windows.Ribbon.v7.2.dll'

Using gacutil -I also provides a similar response:

Failure adding assembly to the cache: Access denied. You might not have
administrative credentials to perform this task. Contact your system
administrator for assistance.

This happens whether I log in as the local Admin user or a domain user with
Admin rights.

 Platform is windows Vista Business.

How can I get this to work?