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chart is not rendered in report without being displayed before

Hey there, i want to include a chart in my report. Therefore i created a UserControl containing all layout stuff i want to have in my xps/print. It is just a simple line-chart and in the constructor i bind to sample data. If i display this control in a "real" window

<infragisticsChart:UserControl1 x:Name="MyTestInstance"/>

and then print it

var reportObj = new Report();
reportObj.Sections.Add(new EmbeddedVisualReportSection(MyTestInstance));
reportObj.Export(OutputFormat.XPS, "c:\\temp\\test.xps");

everything is fine. However, if i want to render the xps without having it in a real wpf window / page, the chart is not rendering anything. If i do

var reportObj = new Report();
reportObj.Sections.Add(new EmbeddedVisualReportSection(new UserControl1()));
reportObj.Export(OutputFormat.XPS, "c:\\temp\\test.xps");

I tried setting the size, InvalidateMeasure, InvalidateVisual and other things on the control, but it is just not rendering the chart.

The question is: How can i create a report with a chart on a console app / server / service? How do i tell / force a Chart to do its calculations and actually generate the view?