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xamPivotDataSelector and the values that are displayed from a bound source

Hi Guys,

We are loading the PivotDataSelector datasource via Linq To SQL, no issues here. The problem we have is that we would like to display a column name with spaces so that is looks better for reporting purposes ie 'ThisIsSomeValue' with 'This Is Some Value'

Below is the code I've taken from the WPF samples app:

private void GetData()
  Type objectType = Type.GetType("POCServices.Data." + reportTypeComboEditor.Value.ToString() + ", POCServices");
  IEnumerable newInstance = (IEnumerable)Activator.CreateInstance(objectType); // This will create an instance of Opportunity class


private void GetData<T>(T sourceObject) where T : IEnumerable
  FlatDataSource dataSource = new FlatDataSource();
  dataSource.ItemsSource = sourceObject;

  POCServices.Interface.IView currentSource = (POCServices.Interface.IView)sourceObject;

  this.pivotGrid.DataSource = dataSource;
  this.pivotDataSelector.DataSource = dataSource;

public class Opportunity : ObservableCollection<zzOpportunities>

public Opportunity()
  List<zzOpportunities> opportunities = GetAll();
  foreach (zzOpportunities opp in opportunities)

public static List<zzOpportunities> GetAll()
  EMDBDataContext dc = new EMDBDataContext();
  return dc.GetTable<zzOpportunities>().ToList<zzOpportunities>();


As I mentioned earlier the above code works well, but how would I go about customizing what is shown in the PivotDataSelector after the control is bound to my datasource?

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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