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ReferenceId: Valid values


in our old (winforms) application we used the ultracalcmanager. We were able to specify strings like "AV Vmax [m/s]_" as alias. These string would be converted to something like "AV Vmax \[m\/s\]_" and we were able to use them in the formulas like so: "[//AV Vmax \[m\/s\]_]".

We migrated to wpf and were trying to reuse the formulas. But for some reason it seams that you cannot use "[" or "]" as valid values within the referenceId (Object ControlCalculationSettings). If I remove those characters form my formula and the referenceIds the formula works but if I leave them in the value will not be calculated.

Am I correct with this observation? If so how can I get my old formulas to work?


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