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No tiles rendered when initial zoom level is too high


when the initial viewport of the XamMap covers a small enough area (i.e. the zoom level is high), the XamMap does not display any map data at all. The issue is present also in the new 13.1 release. 

If I e.g. use a custom MapTileSource that downloads OpenStreetMap data from MapQuest, I find that the XamMap may try to fill the initial view with tiles at zoom level 20, while MapQuest OSM only supports zoom levels 0-19. Obviously the requested tiles can't be found. I think that the XamMap should try to download tiles at a lower zoom level to at least fill the view with map data at a lower resolution, but this is not the case. As it is now, I have to manually zoom out (to trigger download of tiles at a valid zoom level) and then zoom in again to get the lower-resolution data.

Is there a simple way around this issue ?
Is there e.g. a way to tell the XamMap what zoom levels are supported by the tile source, to make it at least request valid tiles only ?
Is it e.g. possible to 'trick' the XamMap to download tiles at lower resolution than the ones requested by the MapTileSource.GetTileLayers method ?