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Always include major tickmark at zero?

Hello.  I'm using a particular value n for the major tickmark interval for my XamDataChart.  I want the tickmarks to be displayed as exact multiples of that interval (-3n, -2n, -n, 0, n, 2n, etc.)  For example, if I've set the Y axis display range to be from -135.2 to 380.7, and I set my intervals to display at multiples of 100.0, I would like the major tickmarks to be at:

-100.0, 0.0, 100.0, 200.0, 300.0

However, the chart currently positions the tickmarks at:

-135.2, -35.2, 64.8, 164.8, 264.8, 364.8.

Is there a SIMPLE way to set the initial position of the tickmarks so there is guaranteed to be a major tickmark at zero?  I'm not trying to force the zero tickmark to always be drawn (i.e. if my data were from 320 to 720, I wouldn't see the mark at 0.0, but would want to see lines at 400, 500, 600, 700, as if the intervals BEGAN at zero).  I know I could create my own TickmarkValues subclass, but this seems like a lot of work for what should be a default feature of a graph.



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