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Template Bindings with UnboundFields in XamDataGrid

Hello.  I have an XamDataGrid of objects; each object has two properties I want to edit within the grid. I'm creating my FieldLayout programatically, to allow a varying number of columns. When I define my layout, I can set the binding for each Field so the PropertyPath points to a particular column in my ViewModel ((i.e. Path="Columns[0]", Path="Columns[1]", etc.) This works fine:

I want to apply a template to the CellValuePresenter to let me edit each field, with one textbox bound to each of the two fields:

As you can see, the template bindings aren't correct. Right now, the template has bindings to one of the columns (Path="DataItem.Columns[0]"), since I can't figure out a simple way to get the index for each column into the template. What I really want is for the CellValuePresenter to get the correct bound object, defined in my FieldLayout, but bind each textbox to the appropiate property.

Any help would be vastly appreciated.