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Disable CheckBox when other Value in row is double.NaN

I have two properties in my viewmodel.

bool Adjust

double DesiredValue

In XamGrid I have this ColumnLayout:

 <ig:ColumnLayout Key="Values">


 <ig:CheckBoxColumn Key="Adjust" HeaderText="Adjust" EditorDisplayBehavior="Always" />

<ig:TextColumn Key="DesiredValue" HeaderText="Desired Value" />



How can I disable the checkbox for Adjust if DesiredValue is equal to double.NaN?


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    Hello Michael,

    You can create a style that targets CellControl and in this style use a converter to check the “DesiredValue”. If the value is double.NaN you can set’s the cells Enabled property to false.

    See attached sample.



    Developer Support Supervisor - XAML


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