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How to do custom output to PDF and MS Word

What is the best Infragistics way to output custom documents to PDF and MS Word from C# and WPF?    The output should be the close to identical for both PDF and MS Word.

This is a document assembly operation by the user.

The documents will include
 a) title page
 b) page header and footer
 c) text with different font size, bold and other formatting with the same character set
 d) images
 e) tables with text
 f) tables with right aligned numbers
User work-flow
   - Select PDF or MS Word format
   - Select data to include or exclude.  The data comes from multiple sources, none of them are from a database, table or grid
   - Select the order to output the data
   - Enable / disable page headers, footers and page numbers
   - Select the  file path to save the output file
   - Output the document
   - Our application will then load the document in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Our application  does not have a document preview or viewer.
Target platform: Windows 7, WPF, C#, .NET 4.5 or 4.0.  We are already using Infragistics WPF v12.1 for graphing, ribbon, etc.
Thank you