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How can I select / deselect points in XamDataChart, especially in BubbleSeries?

Hi to All,

I would like to select/deselect (multiple) displayed points in a BubbleSeries, preferable with Click then Ctrl+Click. I suppose there will be 3 issues to solve:

Q1: How to catch the click then recognize what point is under the cursor? (what point was clicked)

Q2: How to change the point's appearance (say increase radius, by changing the binded data, any better idea?). Btw: Can I change the shape of an individual point, like from circle to square?

Q3: Maintain what is selected. (in a list.) (does any internal implementation for this?)

Thanks in advance

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    Hi Justin,


    Thank you for your post. I have been looking into your requirement and in order to get the clicked underlying data item you could handle the ‘SeriesMouseLeftButtonDown’ event of the XamDataChart like:


            private void theChart_SeriesMouseLeftButtonDown(object sender, Infragistics.Controls.Charts.DataChartMouseButtonEventArgs e)


                BubblePoint dataPoint = e.Item as BubblePoint; // where BubblePoint is the type of your data item



    In order to notify that some data point is selected I am changing its color.


    I am attaching a sample application( that shows my approach on how to select multiple items when pressing Ctrl key.


    Let me know, if you need any further assistance on this matter.
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