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How to offer all the Infragistics themes as a choice in the UI and let the user to pick one, then switch the application consistent look to that theme?

Although is seems to be _one_ question, as far as I experienced it involves many solvable issue to have this simple generic functionality.

I've carefully reviewed many theme switch in the sample apps, and the main sample application, but neither use generic method for this, some of the includes special custom (specific to that app) styles, and switches between these application specific styles, which is definitely not the same as switching pre-prepared (and Infragistics shipped) themes.

Q1: I would like offer all the Infragistcs themes as a choice for the user. I've carefully reviewed the sample applications, however did not find an exact and preferred way a) what can I include (reference) in my application to made available, b) What is the programmatic way to get all available themes? It is also not clear to me if I had to refer theme definition assemblies to achieve this (then what and where are these assemblies) _or_ I have to include style definition as xaml source into my application (then where are these sources). It is also not clear, if do I have to do this control by control and by theme by theme (this means themecount * controlcount items)

Q2: As I read there is no support for theming standard xaml elements, like Button, StackPanel, DockPanel etc. However theming these controls are inevitable. Please think about properties like Background color of the panels. How can I solve the theme switch then? Do I have to my own styles for all those controls, for all themes, then switch between them? This means creating a theme system from ground zero for those controls.

Q3: I am using igWindows:XamTabControl in my ribbon window. Unfortunately I can not find out how to theme XamTabControl. Its look always the same

Q4: I am using standard dialogs like messagebox to show questions, and messages to the user. These dialogs are not themed at all. I understand why is this, however I did not expect to rewrite these standard UI elements reusable since the advent of the WPF just because I would like consistent (and themeble) look and feel in my application. Again I understand why this is not themeble, but this case I expected these functionality to reimplemented in a themed way in the Infragistics WPF framework instead of rewriting it, by every developer in every project (or live with the not themed one) Missed I something?

Yes I know it was 4 questions not one. However to accomplish the _one_ question in the subject all applies. In case you prefer it to separate them to individual forum threads, please let me know and I will do it.

Thanks in advance