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xamMap layer image background


I've been with some issues related to assign a png image as a layer background.

When zoom in, the image stretch and changed in wrong way. I tested several stretch modes without success.

The result I'm looking at is to assign an image to a layer (as a background) and when map zoom in the image has to zoom in too, (image will loose resolution but that's not a problem now).

Dim myImg As ImageBrush = New ImageBrush()
myImg.ImageSource = New BitmapImage(New Uri("pack://application:,,,/Test;component/Images/img1.png", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute))
myImg.AlignmentX = 0
myImg.AlignmentY = 0
myImg.Stretch = Stretch.UniformToFill
myImg.TileMode = TileMode.None

Map.Layers("testLayer").Elements(0).Fill = myImg

<ig:XamMap x:Name="xamMapTest" MapProjectionType="Equirectangular" Background="#FFA0C3FF" IsPannable="True" IsZoomable="True" Focusable="False">
<ig:MapLayer x:Name="testLayer" IsVisible="True" ShadowFill="{x:Null}" ShadowOffset="0,0" Focusable="False" FillMode="None" DataMapping="Name=ShapeId;Caption=Caption;" DataSource="{Binding items, Mode=OneWay}" >
<ig:ShapeFileReader Uri="/ShapeFiles/test" DataMapping="Name=ID" />

Can someone please gives me an example to solve this issue?

Many thanks for all your help.