Xamdatagrid cell value presenter to show image and use a xamcomboeditor too


I have binded my xamdatagrid's unbound field with a string property(which actually has a image name); used a converter that converts the name to a valid image path.
I want to show the image on the cell, for which i created a style, that included the image control, of course, and applied this style to cell value presenter style.
I was able to see image. 

Now the problem, in the beginning, (without showing image), cell was showing the image path. I am also using a XamComboEditor on this unboundfield, which too was working.

After applying the custom style to cell value presenter which is changing the template basically, I guess the editor is overridden.

Please guide on how to show image and use the comboeditor (which I have customized to show a grid of controls instead of an items list) as well.