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ShapeFileProvider in Samples

I downloaded the WPF Sample Viewer and the WPF MapBrowser sample code.  In the WPF Sample Viewer a ShapeFileProvider in the namespace:Infragistics.Samples.Shared.DataProviders;assembly=Infragistics.Samples.Shared is used but I can't find this class in the sample code I downloaded or the XAML or Code Behind in the Sample Viewer.  I'm trying to write my own little WPF window that can load data from a shapefile into the Infragistics map and then do some filtering on it.  Could you provide some sample code that demonstrates this or let me know where I can find the ShapeFileProvider class?

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    Hello Darlene,


    Thank you for your post!


    I have been looking into it. When you install the sample browser you, would be able to find the source code of the samples too. You can find the source code on the following path on your computer: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Infragistics\2014.2\WPF\Samples\CLR4.0. When you open the folder you would be able to find a separate folder for each of our controls. There should be a folder named Infragistics.Samples.Shared too. In it you can find DataProviders folder. In this folder you would be able to find the ShapeFileProvider.


    Also you can take a look at the following link from our documentation, where is shown how to bind a shapefile to our xamMap, using a ShapeFileReader:


    Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions on this matter.