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Adding XamMenuItems to existing XamContextMenu

Hi, as I said in the subject, I have a User control with a XamDataTree that has a XamContextMenu

This user control will be used in different contexts and based on where I use it I need to add some XamMenuItems to the tree context menu.

I've seen on a previous message on the forums how to create the context menu at runtime, but my context menu already contains a number of elements

I just need to retrieve it when I've initialized the control and add some local commands.

For example, on my Context Menu I already have a New, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste menu item I need to add some specific commands like "Execute my Procedure 1" and more.

The thing I can't find is How to Get the Context Menu from the XamDataTree, there is a ContextMenu property, but it is null,

so I presume there is something different to do to retrieve the Context Menu.