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How to Add ApplicationMenu2010Item to the QuickAccessToolbar

Hi, As I say in the subject I want to add to the QuickAccessToolbar An OpenSomething and a CloseSomething that is made as follows:

<igr:ApplicationMenu2010Item KeyTip="O" 														 
	 Command="{x:Static lcmd:MyCommand.Open}">
	<TextBlock Margin="5,0,0,0"
           Text="Open" />

Usually to add a ribbon tool to the QUickaccess toolbar you have to write this

<igr:QatPlaceholderTool TargetId="openTool"/>

The Problem is that the ID or Id attribute is not applicable to the ApplicationMenu2010Item so I wanted to understand what should be modified to be able to use the Application menu Item in the QUickAccess toolbar.

Thank you in advance

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    ApplicationMenu2010Item is only allowed/used within the ApplicationMenu2010. If you want to put a tool into the QAT that isn't displayed within a RibbonGroup, MenuTool, etc. then you can define the tool within the ToolsNotInRibbon and then you can define the QatPlaceholderTool as you would for other tools.


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