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XamPropertyGrid and Collection...

Hi, I'm developing a system that uses the new XamPropertyGrid  to visualize (and I'm thinking also to edit if possible) the details of some classes

some of the classes have the following format







The Mycollection1 is correctly shown but its elements are shown in the following format




The collection elements in my case are objects containing a Name and a Value and are Dynamically created on the objects.
Is there a Way to tell the Property Grid to show (maybe the ToString) instead of the [0] so that the effect will be more User friendly?

I make an example: The Object is  a Project, The Collection is an accessory information data the content of the property grid I'd like to have is the following:

     ProjectName StarTrek

     FileName StarTrek.proj

     Folder C:\Startrek

     Revision 1.0

+   AdditionalInfo

          + Order 12345

                Name Order

                Value 12345

          + DeliveryDate 06/01/2015

                Name DeliveryDate

                Value 06/01/2015

This will allow to use the property grid in several scenarios and avoid the need to develop a specific User control or window to visualize the data and modify them.

Thank you in advance

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