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Disable Sorting for fixed records?

Hello!  I have a XamDataGrid with a number of records fixed to the top of the grid, which I use to display statistics (Average, Min, Max, Standard Deviation) for the rest of the records in the Grid.  I'd like to allow the rest of the records to be sorted when the user clicks on the column headers, but have the fixed records maintain their original, unsorted positions (Average is always record 1, Min is always record 2, etc.)  The default behavior is that the fixed records get sorted as a group, then the rest of the records are sorted as a group.  Is there a way to change this?


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    Hello Ed,


    Thank you for your post.


    I have been investigating your requirement. What I can suggest is to use the FixedRecordSortOrder property  of XamDataGrid. You can set it to FixOrder, so the fixed records will remain the same order as they are fixed, even the sorted fields have changed. You can read more details for this property from the following link from out online documentation:



    I created short sample application based on your scenario to show you how you can implement the functionality that you want to achieve.


    Please let me know if you need any further assistance on the matter.
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