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Customize Filtering operand and problematic behavior on child filter

Hi, I have a control with a XamGrid which datasource is a class containing some properties and a collection of classes, the classes are:


     Title (string)

     Notes (string)

     Comments (string)

     SlidesData (observable collection of SlideContent)


     Content (string)

I can set the grid to show correctly everything using TextColumn for the single properties, I've also set filters for all columns.

However, if I want to customize the Filter Operand for the columns, I've seen that I need to set a Template column instead.

But when I put a template column instead of a TextColumn the Filter ceases to function, I can write whatever I like and the filter does not filter.

So my question is What is wrong in my Template Column that the filter does not work?

These are the columns definitions:

    <ig:TextColumn Key="Title" HeaderText="Title" IsReadOnly="True"
    <ig:TextColumn Key="Notes" HeaderText="Notes}" IsReadOnly="True"
    <ig:TextColumn Key="Comments" HeaderText="Comments" IsReadOnly="True"

    <ig:ColumnLayout Key="SlidesData">
      <ig:TemplateColumn  Key="Content"  HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch"
         <ScrollViewer FlowDirection="LeftToRight" Margin="0">
         <TextBox Text="{Binding Content}" TextWrapping="Wrap" />
        <ig:FilterColumnSettings  >



And this is the grid filtering settings:

    <ig:FilteringSettings FilteringScope="ChildBand" AllowFiltering="FilterRowTop" FilterRowHeight="22"   />

The filter on the child band does not apply and also it shows the Default value for the Content property in the filter cell.

If you have any clue

thank you in advance

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    I am just checking the progress of this issue and was wondering if you managed to achieve your goal or if you need any further assistance on the matter.

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