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IgExcel Sample - Missing file(s)


I'm trying to get the IgExcel (WPF) sample working and am having trouble with Infragistics Ultimate 15.1, and VS2013 Update 4.

There appears to be missing files from the download - (as the initial problem) - and it seems like there is something definitely wrong.  I am nearly certain I have run this sample on 14.2 on another machine in the past and have had no problem.

(FYI, The initial missing file is an icon from igExcel/igExcel.ico - but there appears to be a lot more wrong.)

Note I have just tried it on a different machine altogether with the same result. I have also re-downloaded the sample source with no change.

Is anyone else having issues in running the igExcel sample on the latest tools (15.1) ?

Thanks in advance.

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