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XamGrid TemplateColumn Howto Enter edit mode when entered with tab

Hi, I have a XamGrid with Two editable columns, I use Template Columns because I need to control Filtering and editors.

I've understood that to use the editing settings to activate or deactivate editing I have to use ItemTemplate and EditTemplate and it works

Just one thing I can not achieve, even if I've set

 <ig:EditingSettings AllowEditing="{Binding AllowEdit}"  
                 IsEnterKeyEditingEnabled="{Binding IsInEditMode}" 
                 IsOnCellActiveEditingEnabled="{Binding IsInEditMode}" />

When the cells are "browsed" using the Tab key and AllowEditing is set to Cell, even if the IsOnCellActiveEditingEnabled
is set to True, the cell is selected and active but not enters edit mode.
What do I have to do??? is there an event where to perform an enter edit mode? Is there some other editing setting?
thank you in advance