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How to have multi colors in the appointments?


I wanted appointments on the calendar to have multiple colors but I'm not able to create the resource to change the color of the color scheme.

Can someone help me?

Thank you,

Diogo Queirós

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    Hi Diogo ,

    You can easily create ScheduleResources like this:

    // Create some resources
    ObservableCollection<ScheduleResource> resources = new ObservableCollection<ScheduleResource>();
    resources.Add(new ScheduleResource("ID1", "Bob Smith") { ColorScheme = ScheduleResourceColorScheme.Chocolate });
    resources.Add(new ScheduleResource("ID2", "Joe Davis") { ColorScheme = ScheduleResourceColorScheme.Fuchsia });
    resources.Add(new ScheduleResource("ID3", "Tim Jones") { ColorScheme = ScheduleResourceColorScheme.Grape });

    and then just assign the resource id to the appointments:

      // Appointments contained in a single day.
                appts.Add(new Appointment
                    Start = MakeDateTime(date, 12, 0, 0),
                    End = MakeDateTime(date, 12, 15, 0),
                    Subject = "Daily Meeting 1",
                    Location = "Conference Room 1",
                    ResourceId = resources[0].Id,

                appts.Add(new Appointment

                    Start = MakeDateTime(date, 13, 0, 0),
                    End = MakeDateTime(date, 13, 15, 0),
                    Subject = "Daily Meeting 2",
                    Location = "Conference Room 2",
                    ResourceId = resources[1].Id,

    I have attached a sample which demonstrates how to do this.

    If you require any further assistance on the matter, please let me know.

    Teodor Tenev
    Software Developer
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