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Not having a great time with AppMap

Hi, I've just started looking at AppMap with a view to using it to create the framework for a fairly simple application.  I want to use MVVM and this sounded like a great place to start.

I basically followed the video demo using a Login page as the master page, an adduser page, a MasterDetailPage and hung a few pages off that.  This works and I may end up using it. The problem is, I don't really want a burger menu for such a simple app.  I have tried various variations and find it is very easy to create an app where the pages either do not link together or there is no back button. I have tried the following.

The same login (master page) and adduser as in the demo.  Then an absolute navigation to a home page and then hang various pages off this home page.  The problem is those children of the home do not get a back button so there is no way back.  I tried making the home page a master page but then the login page did not show.  I tried making the navigation arrows have wrap in navigation page but that made no difference.  Is that a bug?  If I enable wrap in navigation page, all that happens is the conent page slides up from the bottom (which looks weird) and there is no back button.

I expected to be able to make my home page a navigation page but that option is only available for a master page. Is there a way of achieving what I want? Or do I have to use the MasterDetailPage and suffer a burger menu.  I have nothing against a burger menu but it is a bit silly if it only has one or two options on it and I'd rather have a back button to get back than have to use a burger menu (2 taps instead of 1).  Also, the home page is never shown again so it is not much of a home page!

Somebody else requested an edit AppMenu option and I don't think anyone realised how useful it would be.  I understand it is almost impossible to allow that if somebody has started changing the solution but it is very hit and miss and trial and error trying to create an app with a suitable workflow if you have to delete the previous attempt and try to remember what you had previously created so you can try a variation.  So being able to open and edit a previous unchanged AppMap would be very useful.

For what it's worth, I'm on win 10 and using VS2017.



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    I think one of the main issues here is that you may not have a strong enough understanding of how navigation and page structure works in Xamarin.Forms.  I would strongly suggest becoming familiar with how Xamarin.Forms works prior to attempting to use a tool like AppMap.  Without this understanding, it will be difficult to get your application navigation correct.  Here is a good resource to start with:

    If you don't want to use a hamburger menu, then don't use a MasterDetailPage.  Sounds like you'll need a login page with an absolute navigation to your "MainPage".  This will reset the navigation stack so that the login page is no longer there.  Then on the absolute navigation connection, you'll want to check the "wrap in navigationPage" option.  In Xamarin.Forms, the only way to get a back button it to wrap your root page in a NavigationPage.  Without that, there is no back button.  I have attached to screenshot of what the AppMap needs to look like.

    Chances are we will never allow you to open an existing project into an AppMap.  Not only would it be extremely difficult to do if any modification has been made to the project, but detecting those changes and only loading things that haven't changes is not only equally difficult but also introduces the risk of you breaking your own app.

    You can add attachments by using the "Options" tab and selecting the "add/upload" file option.  That is how I uploaded my image.

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