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AppMap Crash at exit.


I am evaluating the ultimate suite using a trial version . Ihave created a sample App using AppMap (replicated the one on video).

Everything works fine except the Exception Thrown when exiting the app and it is consistent even on new apps. any idea what causes it ?

btw, there is no indication where this is happening : An unhandled exception occured. occurred.


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    Souheil C,

    Is the AppMap crashing or is your application crashing?

    How are you exiting the application?

    Is your Main Page a Master Detail?  If so, are you using the Android back button to exit the app using the emulator or Android device?  If so, this is a known Xamarin issue on Android.

    Can you please use the AppMap to create an app with a single content page and see if you get the same crash.

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