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Multiple pages layout

we are updating a supervisory and control system for a large medical machine that was partly build in windows forms with your tools.

Now we need to go also mobile, but we would like to have a single development environment and framework. Thus we chose Xamarin for our purposes.

We have to plan a way to setup the layout of our applications . I am trying to see if AppMap is the suitable tool. I prepared a schema (attached) that more or less represents the layout of one of our normal application as they are made in WinForms.

It generates correctly the project and also compiles and the application starts. But as soon as I try to open the first MasterDetail the application breaks in the debugger and stops working if I continue.

Now I am wondering if AppMap supports such layout or it is only foreseen for simpler layouts.

By the way I noticed I cannot use a MasterDetail as a Child of a Tabbed page. Is it true?

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