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Area Series with NumericXAxis

Hello All,

I have an XML datasource like this:

<G X="3820.7966797098697" Y="20.5717142857143" />
<G X="3821.79658373428" Y="21.586" />
<G X="3822.79648775869" Y="21.9354285714286" />
<G X="3823.7963917831" Y="21.5794285714286" />
<G X="3824.79629580751" Y="19.6988571428571" />


The best series that represents the data above is a ScatterLineSeries. Anyway I have to fill the area below the ScatterLineSeries with a different color for each series, like a Category Area Series.
So, If I use the ScatterLineSeries I can't fill the area, If I use Area Series, I can't use NumericXAxis.

Any idea?

Thank you for your support

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