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Overlap column series
Hi all,
I would build a chart with two AreaSeries and some multiple overlap ColumnSeries.
In order to receive a continuous representation of my data, I convert X-values to DateTime elements (a sort of "ScatterAreaSeries").
So, my DataModel is:
public class DataPoint
public double X { get; set; }
public double Y { get; set; }
public DateTime DateTime_X
DateTime date = DateTime.Today.AddDays(X);
return date;
AreaSeries are ok but I'm not able to plot multiple column series that use the same x-values and different y-values.
Datasource is an array list like this:
List<DataPoint>[ ] data;
so I have
x = 5010 Y= 1,18
x = 5660 Y= 0,3
X = 12800 Y = 0,2
x = 5010 Y= 0,4
x = 5660 Y= 0.5
X = 12800 Y = 1,4
NumericYAxis is set on XAML file. The follow method in code-behind doesn't work. 
private void AddOverlapColumnSeries(List<DataPoint>[] data)
for (int i = 0; i < data.Lenght; i++)
var categoryDateTimeXAxis = new CategoryDateTimeXAxis();
categoryDateTimeXAxis.ItemsSource = data[i];
categoryDateTimeXAxis.DateTimeMemberPath = "DateTime_X";
var series = new ColumnSeries
ValueMemberPath = "Y",
ItemsSource = data[i],
XAxis = categoryDateTimeXAxis,
YAxis = numericYAxis
To have an idea of the chart I would build, please see the attached file.
Could be it build with Infragistics? What wrong with my code? 
Thanks in advance.