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AppMap saving feature and scrolling

Hi I really like appmap its just fantastic and gives an absolute head start!.

Not sure if in the planning but it would be invaluable if you could add some sort of saving of the plan and reloading of the plan.

This feature will be extremely useful if you want to map a slightly bigger app and save to xml or whatever for later use.

Also notice that if you do not have a big screen it would be nice to have some sort of scrolling.

Many thanks for making this very good tool free of charge

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    Offline posted

    Thank you for the feedback.  Saving a layout is something that we have discussed as a future enhancement.  For now yo uwill have to take a screenshot of your layout.  You can always add to an existing project as well.  So you can build the first part, then later "Add New Item" and add another AppMap section to your app.

    What screen resolution are you using?  If the AppMap window doesn't fit, you can always resize the window to fit your screen.