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AppMap for MacOS, WPF

I'm planning for the next version of my app where I need to add support for MacOS and WPF in addition to Android and UWP.  Are there any plans to support these other targets in AppMap?  if so, any timeline?  I know that Xamarin.Forms for MacOS and WPF is still a work in progress.  And that it may be a long time or never before the full Infragistics product supports these targets, but AppMap is still hugely useful and adds to my productivity.



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    There are currently no plans to add a MacOS or WPF template to the AppMap.  As you pointed out, those platforms are not ready or fully supported by Xamarin, and our controls do not currently support those platforms.  Honestly, WPF will most likely never make it into AppMap as Xamarin is not maintaining that feature and is relying on the community to move it forward.  Hence, it has no Xamarin backing at this time.

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