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Chart bar

What is required is not having a group and generating a new color for each bar
let it be painted, to have something like the following. Without each bar depends on lca
number of properties that the entity has defined to show a bar with a
new color.

I have made a graphic of this type is not required

Can someone help me do what I need?

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    Hello Rafael,

    In order to generate a new color for each bar of a particular column, I would recommend using a single ColumnSeries. This documentation article shows how to configure a ColumnSeries in the XamDataChart in the Infragistics for Xamarin toolset.

    Once you have a single ColumnSeries set up, I would recommend handling the AssigningCategoryStyle event of that series. This event will fire for each column to be rendered as it is rendered, and will allow you to specify a Fill for that column. Note, in order to handle this event, you will need to set the IsCustomCategoryStyleAllowed property on the ColumnSeries to "true" as this event is a sort of "opt-in" type of event, as with huge data sets, it can potentially cause performance issues. This event will never fire without this setting, though.

    The event arguments of this event has a GetItems method, in which you can pass the e.StartIndex and e.EndIndex properties as parameters (where e is the event arguments) to get the underlying data item to that particular column in your ColumnSeries. If you were to store some color information about the color that you want the corresponding column to be, you could check your underlying data item, and assign an e.Fill property for your column based on that.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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