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XamScheduler, data loading techniques + performance

We are currently evaluating the XamScheduler control and so far we really like it, but want to know how well it will handle with performance.

We want to know if it handles in the magnitude of 100's-1000's of appointments well?

Also what techniques to employ with a responsive UI with loading appointments from a local sqlite store.

It's easy to query all standard appointments with a specific range if we were showing everything in the month that the user is currently viewing. But for recurring appointments, there's almost no way to reliably query it, apart from loading ALL recurring appointments out and putting it into the datasource to let it figure it out.

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    Hello Winston Pang,

    Thank you for posting a question to Infragistics Forum.

    I'm investigating your question and it is going to take longer time than I thought. I'll make an update if there is any progress, so could you wait for a while?

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Hello Winston Pang,

    Since the performance varies widely in mobile scenarios, it's very hard to say how many appointments XamScheduler can handle with a good performance.

    What we can suggest you is to do the following thigs:

    - Do performance testing on all possible devices which you are targeting, varying appointment loads. And tune if it is necessary.

    - Keep the number of appointments as low as possible. Using recurring appointments or grouping appointments might be a good option.

    I hope these will help.