Issues running .NET project upgrade utility on Windows 8

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Replied On: Wed, May 4 2016 6:47 PM Reply

Hi all,

Some background:

  • I am trying to re-compile a large and complex .NET project that uses NetAdvantage 2005
  • I recently upgraded the development environment to Windows 8 x64 and .NET 2010
  • I have issues re-compiling in .NET 2010, and after reading forums at this site I understand that I need to update NetAdvantage from 2005 to 2010 to solve it.

Which brings be to my issue.

I cannot run the .NET Project Upgrade Utility, as it calls for a bunch of .NET 1 and 2 framework versions that cannot be installed on a Windows 8 platform. I do have certain .NET framework 1 and 2 versions, but not the exact revisions that the utility is calling for and it refuses to run. 

I would like to solve this without altering my development environment, as it was a very painful to build. 

Can anyone suggest a fix?


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Nikolay Nanev
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Infragistics Employee
Replied On: Thu, May 5 2016 8:18 AM Reply

Hello Chris,

In order to investigate your issue further, case CAS-172914-L0G5C5 was created.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the case.

Best regards,
Nikolay Nanev
DevOps EngineerInfragistics, Inc.

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