Endless problems with Default Styles

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Replied On: Wed, Jun 17 2009 7:18 AM Reply


I am having a real head-ache when dealing with the default styles.  I have added them to my application and included references to them in the App.xaml as resources.  Visual studio is complaining and throwing errors as the default styles don't seem to be coded correctly or VS does not like the xaml?  Should we only be editing Infragistics xaml in Blend?

The application does build.  When I run the application, my environment breaks, as for instance when a grid is loaded, it cannot find images that are referenced in the default style.  I can't find the grid images anywhere....

Is there a good explanation somewhere of the steps we need to take to get this working and building correctly?




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Replied On: Fri, Jun 26 2009 7:47 AM Reply

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Hello Zack,


From the details you give about that the VS is complaining and throwing an errors I can conclude that probably you didn’t add the all needed resources. Just note that the Styles/Brushes are broken into three ResourceDictionaries: DataPresenterGeneric_Express.xaml, DataPresenterGeneric.xaml and DataPresenterGeneric_Brushes.xml. Most of the Styles you need (including the CellValuePresenter) will be found in DataPresenterGeneric_Express.xaml (DataPresenterGeneric.xaml (non-express) just adds Styles not included in the Express versions of the assemblies).

And if you add all the resources you need you shouldn’t have any problem compiling and running the application after changing the styles. Also you should have all the used resources in these styles, and probably the exception you observe is coming from the errors generated in the VS Designer.  You can try check all the references of the dlls you have, all the resources you add. Also try to clean the bin directory and rebuild your application. Can you check what errors are thrown form VS is there some resource that probably is missing, try to find the missing resources.


If this information doesn’t help, you can try to isolate it in a simple project and create support case form here:


I hope the information I have provided is helpful.




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Replied On: Wed, Feb 3 2010 11:09 AM Reply

Hello Dimi,


I have the same problem as Zack.

I copied the following XAMLs ito my Resource directory:

- DataPresenterGeneric.xaml

- DataPresenterGeneric_Express.xaml

- DataPresenterGeneric_Brushes.xaml

and add them to the resource dictionary like this:























<ResourceDictionary Source ="Resources/DataPresenterGeneric_Brushes.xaml"/>




<ResourceDictionary Source ="Resources/DataPresenterGeneric_Express.xaml"/>




<ResourceDictionary Source ="Resources/DataPresenterGeneric.xaml"/>













I get the error "Property Path'' does not have a value" pointing to the custom ScrollViewer style in DataPresenterGeneric_Express.xaml.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


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