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Replied On: Wed, Apr 28 2010 11:41 PM Reply

Hello. I'm using IG for Winforms version 9.2.20092.2074.

I have an UltraValidator control and UltraTextEdit controls on a form and am validating the UltraTextEdit controls using the IsRequired property of the ValidationSettings.

I also have one UltraTextEdit control that accepts an email address. That control is also using the IsRequired property but I also need to validate that the user has entered a valid email address pattern.

How do I use the UltraValidator in conjuction with the email UltraTextEdit to ensure a valid email address pattern?

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Replied On: Thu, Apr 29 2010 3:54 PM Reply

Nevermind. I figured it out.

Use "Match" as the condition and use a regular expression.

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