problem with infragistic UltratoolToolBar

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Replied On: Fri, May 7 2010 10:52 AM Reply

hi i was working arrround some old project and i found a problem.


i have two forms one is an mdi form parent and the other is an mdi form child

both forms have the same icon "Icon.ico"

in the mdi form parent i have a menu made with the infragistic tool bar

the problem is that when i try to maximize the mdi child  form. the icon that apears becames another icon and is not in the prjoect


and i was looking all over the project to found the problem and nothing, i also set the icon on runtime on the event resize but stills happen


this is the image with the icon ......




as you can see on the side of the menu Conexion apears a flag icon and is not the icon i configure on the mdi child form... i hope you can help me with that


PD sorry if my english is bad ... but i am from a foreign country and my first lenguage is espanol

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Answered (Not Verified) Replied On: Mon, May 24 2010 12:50 PM Reply

The Icon of the mdi child Form should be displayed in that area of the main menu when the mdi child Form is maximized. Are you saying you are seeing a different image in this area?

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Replied On: Mon, May 24 2010 2:16 PM Reply



when i maximized the mdi child form then the icon that apears is totally diferent from the one that is in the mdi child form in normal state (not maximized) and the image that apears is not on the project

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Replied On: Tue, May 25 2010 10:23 AM Reply

Ok, this sounds like it might be a bug then. I have forwarded this post to the Developer Support Manager and a DS engineer will be contacting you about this issue.

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Replied On: Wed, May 26 2010 9:46 AM Reply


I will inform you about the progress of this issue at the following support ticket: CAS-46442-MB3NVV. If you have any further question please submit them on the created ticket.



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Replied On: Fri, Apr 13 2012 3:36 PM Reply

I have encountered the same problem, although it appears like the icon becomes over-sized when the child MDI form is maximized.

What was the work around???

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Replied On: Fri, Apr 13 2012 4:20 PM Reply

I have encountered a similar problem. What was the work around?

This is what I am seeing:

Best regards,


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Replied On: Wed, Apr 18 2012 4:22 AM Reply

Hello Paul,

For some reason the images are not visible so I am not really sure what is the behavior that you are seeing in your application.

What version of the Infragistics Windows Forms controls you are using in your application?

In order to attach the images could you please use "Insert Media" button, or go to "Options" and add the zipped attachement there, so I will be able to look into your issue, and research it further for you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know.

Danko Valkov
Manager DevOps
Engineering Services, MCPD, MCSD
Infragistics Inc.

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Replied On: Wed, Apr 18 2012 9:53 AM Reply

Sorry, I dragged and dropped.

Here are the attached images I failed to attach before. First one is a restored MDI child and the second is a maximized MDI child.

The version of the library we have is 6.1.20061.28

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