Get spatial data stored in SQL Server 2008

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Replied On: Mon, Jul 5 2010 7:46 AM Reply


I try to get spatial data stored un SQL Server 2008 using WCF, but i get this error:

... Make sure the spatial column contains pairs of numeric values.

I follow this tutorial :

Any idea to resolve this problem.

Thank you.

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Replied On: Tue, Jul 6 2010 4:07 AM Reply


It seems that there is some parsing problem with the data you pass to the map. The property name you set as a Data mapping should have a properly set Path Data element value - Point, Polygon, linestring etc. If you still have a problem, please, send us a line of the DataTable you pass as a source to the map reader and the DataMapping you pass, so we could investigate the issue further.


Petia Koleva

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Replied On: Tue, Oct 3 2017 8:45 AM Reply

SQL Server 2008 supports the geometry and geography data types for storing spatial data. These types support methods and properties that allow for the creation, comparison, analysis, and retrieval of spatial data. You can get the required information about insertions and retrieval of spatial data here:

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