How to handle resize for xamGrid

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Replied On: Thu, Dec 16 2010 9:37 PM Reply


I want to fix the row displayed at the end in the place 
when xamGrid is resized.

I think that the row that is on top of the display area is fixation in the standard.

Let let me know if solve this problem.


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Stephen Zaharuk
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Replied On: Tue, Jan 4 2011 10:46 AM Reply


You can't fix normal DataRows to the bottom of the xamGrid. However, you can have a FooterRow, or your AddNewRow, SummaryRow, FilterRow attached to the bottom of the xamGrid. 

Is that what you're looking for?


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Replied On: Fri, Jan 7 2011 3:02 AM Reply


Your hint was greatly useful for my problem solving.
Thank you for replying.


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