ASP MVC5 to MVC6 conversion - problem with [ComboDataSourceAction]

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Greg Pringle
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Replied On: Wed, Mar 23 2016 1:13 PM Reply

Hi, I am converting my existing working project from MVC5 to MVC6 by creating a new MVC6 project and moving things over bit by bit.

I have run into a strange issue with [ComboDataSourceAction].   In my old MVC5 project it works fine, but in my new project it returns different JSON (just containing the IDs, not the text I want to display):


public ActionResult ClientComboData()


IEnumerable<ClientName> clientNames = GetClientNames();

return View(clientNames);

//return Json(clientNames);


If I swap in the commented out line, it seems to return Json with the names included and display them in the combobox and the drop down list shows them correctly but when I type anything in the autocomplete I get the following error:

Unhandled exception at line 26, column 4876 in http://localhost:62643/ignite ui/js/infragistics.lob.js Unable to get property 'locale' of undefined or null reference

Here is the class it is serializing:

public class ClientName


public int ClientId { get; set; }

public string FileAsName { get; set; }


Here is the content of the JSON when I hit F12 in IE and look at the network traffic.


How can I fix this?

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Greg Pringle
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Replied On: Wed, Mar 23 2016 5:29 PM Reply

I created a simplified repro here:

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Tihomir Iliev
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Infragistics Employee
Replied On: Mon, Mar 28 2016 7:34 AM Reply

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your patience.

I have asked our engineering staff to examine this further.  To ensure that it will receive attention, I have logged this behavior in our internal tracking system with a Development ID of 216894. A support case is created on your behalf with number CAS-171322-D6M7W7, so that you can be notified when the bug is fixed.
You can find your active cases under Account - Support Activity in our website. Select your ticket and go to Development Issues tab to view the status of related bugs.

Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

Best Regards,
Tihomir Iliev
Software Developer
Infragistics, Inc.

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Replied On: Wed, Jun 29 2016 8:04 AM Reply

I have read an article that the next mvc 6 will be based on new fundamentals comparing to previous mvc releases . so i have these questions:-

  1. when mvc 6 be officially released ?

  2. what are the major differences will be between MVC 5 & MVC 6 ?and are these changes quite big comparing for example between the changes from mvc4 to mvc 5 ? 

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Greg Pringle
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Replied On: Wed, Jun 29 2016 11:47 AM Reply

It got renamed to ASP.NET core.. it got released 2 days ago:

Initially, I thought the changes would be small because the code looks similar but converting my relatively simple project turned into a mess.   I was using RC2 hopefully the release version is better.   Tons of breaking changes, conflicting libraries, and general flakiness. The only way I could even get it partially working was disabling security because it did not support many of the security models used in old MVC...  I abandoned my attempt.  I think the priority for this release was multi platform support, and some steps backwards were taken.   The approach looks much better but I'm not sure all the kinks are worked out yet. 

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Greg Pringle
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Replied On: Wed, Jun 29 2016 1:19 PM Reply

FYI found the following post from Infragistics staff in another thread from two days ago. 

"We don't have support for ASP.NET Core RC2. The ASP.NET Core RTM version should be out today that's why we will directly target it in our next service release. Since the next Ignite UI SR will be several months from now, you can request a private build using our case system."

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